Planning and Doing

schedule_0124 There is a continued tension between planning and doing. Gardening for a CSA has a peculiarity – there needs to be produce. Every. Week. Produce. The variables that affect the ability to deliver are both those we can control, and those we have to deal with. The schedule for the year is pretty much… Continue reading Planning and Doing

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Why we are doing the website

It has frequently occurred to me that our farm is something somewhat unique for people. Statistically, 1.3% of Americans live on a farm. That impacts the entire thought process about food, about nature, about life and death and purpose. FB has done well for spinning episodes of our life here; it has the shortcoming of… Continue reading Why we are doing the website

January 2021 Monthly Update

Current Projects and Tasks: Financial constraints in 2020 caused us to delay seed ordering. It is a major expense for things like potatoes and sweet potatoes, for example. That meant we ran into the great veggie seed panic of 2020 caused by people locked down and digging up the back yard to grow veggies. This… Continue reading January 2021 Monthly Update