January 2022 Update

Wishing you all a happy 2022- hoping for good things to come to all… And here is what the CSA is planning for the year as an offering of something good for all! First, and most simple: If you would like to be on the CSA email list, please comment or email and ask so.… Continue reading January 2022 Update

December 2021 Update

December is well underway, and the planning and preparation is as well. The tentative dates for the 2022 seasons are set: Winter Season – Feb 12-Apr 2 (8 weeks) Small box only, 15% premium. It ain’t easy being winter.   Green Season start Wednesday, April 6- Sat May 28 for 8 weeks. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday… Continue reading December 2021 Update

Week 5 Extended Season

Wow – the end is really near! The garden is in the middle of cleanup and cleanout, with really difficult weather to keep a work cadence going. Rain/Wind/Cool and all that entails. Some of our really pretty Cauliflower is starting to show damage, which demotes it from box duty. Lettuce is just barely hanging in… Continue reading Week 5 Extended Season

Week 3 Extended Season

Well, here we are in week 3 of the extended season… and extremely wet and windy. One of the large greenhouse doors kinda blew up a bit and needed rescue (stitch down the edges with screws) after this last couple of days. The funny thing is how the Broccoli and Cauliflower seem to be actually… Continue reading Week 3 Extended Season

Extended Season Week 2 of 6

Hi All – Sitting here after a day’s work thinking about a nap before bed… then it hits me… “In the box email! you need to write the in-the-box email!” Well then, now you know the inner workings of the geezer CSA farmer. The farm news this week is as follows: Pesky mole invader had… Continue reading Extended Season Week 2 of 6

Extended Season Week 1

The extended season is upon us. To kick it off, the weather decided to hit oh say about 28F last night – much to the sorrow of the sensitive and tender. So – goodbye Peppers, most of the cut flowers, the lingering cucumbers and beans (well, those were almost totally gone already). It was cold… Continue reading Extended Season Week 1

Week 20 in-the-box

Hi Members – Well, technically this is the end of the main season; the 6 week extended season starts next week, with a new ‘in the box’ mail list as people come and go.  For those of you leaving, you get a box as usual this week, and next week at your delivery time a… Continue reading Week 20 in-the-box

In the box week 19

Hi Members – Week 19… a rain week. For Wednesday, a sun break was used to harvest flowers, and what remains of the beans. It really is getting serious about Not Being Summer! The outside tomato plants are virtually destroyed. There are a very large number of green tomatoes that are passable, but the ripe… Continue reading In the box week 19