Extended Season Week 1

The extended season is upon us. To kick it off, the weather decided to hit oh say about 28F last night – much to the sorrow of the sensitive and tender. So – goodbye Peppers, most of the cut flowers, the lingering cucumbers and beans (well, those were almost totally gone already). It was cold… Continue reading Extended Season Week 1

Week 20 in-the-box

Hi Members – Well, technically this is the end of the main season; the 6 week extended season starts next week, with a new ‘in the box’ mail list as people come and go.  For those of you leaving, you get a box as usual this week, and next week at your delivery time a… Continue reading Week 20 in-the-box

In the box week 19

Hi Members – Week 19… a rain week. For Wednesday, a sun break was used to harvest flowers, and what remains of the beans. It really is getting serious about Not Being Summer! The outside tomato plants are virtually destroyed. There are a very large number of green tomatoes that are passable, but the ripe… Continue reading In the box week 19

Week 18 in-the-box

Hi Members! The weather did a special event last week between Wednesday pick and Friday pick: A very light freeze. It is, in the academic sense, an interesting event. Generally, say, 5 years ago, a frost would come at the end of September. The weather shift moved that to a place where a frost could… Continue reading Week 18 in-the-box

Week 17 in-the-box

Hi Folks! Rain is finally coming – supposed to get the CSA wet on Wednesday and Friday during our picking time. The trick is to pick the beans last thing the night before. Bean picking takes time, and right now the beans are really producing. By the way – by experiment it has been shown… Continue reading Week 17 in-the-box

In the box Week 16

Hi Folks ! Week 16, second week in September – the last week of main season deliveries the week of October 5 (5th, 7th and 8th). There are at least two known “won’t be continuing” members – one of whom is moving away. It is always a help for planning to know if you are… Continue reading In the box Week 16

In the Box Week 15

Hi Folks! First delivery of September is coming this week – will be putting out a monthly update here in a day or so. Meanwhile, the fall crops such as the winter squash are going full speed to ripe. Corn is thinking about being ready, and beans are getting to mid cycle. The weather is… Continue reading In the Box Week 15

Week 14

Hi folks… Week 14 is upon us – watching crops get ripe, mature, and move on. Say goodbye to the figs; the first year where there were enough fruit to cover everyone for two weeks. Figs are a funny crop – they set two ‘harvests’ – but the second harvest comes too late to make.… Continue reading Week 14

In the box Week 13

Hi Y’all – hope all is well with you! August, as mentioned earlier, is a big change from July. July has a lot of “get it in the ground, fight the weeds, harvest the berries which take a long time to pick… August is mostly dealing with the consequences of July and watching things come… Continue reading In the box Week 13

Week 12 in-the-box

Goodness – week 12 already… Interesting fruit week. There was a small quantity of Raspberries last week, a limited supply of Peaches, and a bag of Crab Apples went out to a member who made some cool looking jelly and pickled raspberries. Well, this week figs are ripe, and the early apple tree was picked… Continue reading Week 12 in-the-box