January 2024 CSA Stuff…

January 3 – hope you all had a wonderful holiday time – here at the farm the draft horse pigged out on really nasty windfall apples, and farmcraft sprang forth on a couple of fronts – some very nice embroidery, for example, and more pots and planters… But enough of that farmcraft (unless you are… Continue reading January 2024 CSA Stuff…

FarmCraft Update November 2023

Shilo FarmCraft – it is the time of year when the craft shops fire back up! Here are four new designs from the embroidery shop:  A to-be framed car: and three towels: The towels are $25, the on-a-frame car is a larger pattern and is $50… Oh – and the what-can-be-made from Cedar planter has… Continue reading FarmCraft Update November 2023

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Extended Season Week 2 of 4

After a bitter cold experience last week a lot of garden cleanup was needed. That continues this week – although the weather guesser claims there will be a lot of rain Wednesday – Thursday, so well what gets cleaned up moves into the greenhouse. Obviously, those items that seemed to persist longer than usual are… Continue reading Extended Season Week 2 of 4