January 2022 Update

Wishing you all a happy 2022- hoping for good things to come to all… And here is what the CSA is planning for the year as an offering of something good for all! First, and most simple: If you would like to be on the CSA email list, please comment or email and ask so.… Continue reading January 2022 Update

December 2021 Update

December is well underway, and the planning and preparation is as well. The tentative dates for the 2022 seasons are set: Winter Season – Feb 12-Apr 2 (8 weeks) Small box only, 15% premium. It ain’t easy being winter.   Green Season start Wednesday, April 6- Sat May 28 for 8 weeks. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday… Continue reading December 2021 Update

July Monthly Update

Hi! Fun time in the garden – the next four – eight weeks have a large number of the warm season crops come in. There are a large number of cherry tomato varieties that are on the vines as this is written, as well as some of the bell peppers and some Cozumel (mild) hot… Continue reading July Monthly Update

June Monthly Update

June has come (well, it actually has been here for a week now) and it is time for the semi-famous Shilofarm CSA Monthly Update – Tada! The Main season is in the third week; some of the garden crops are now starting to show up in the boxes, but not all, not yet. The plan… Continue reading June Monthly Update

CSA Monthly – May

May has come – and with it, the main season which starts May 26th. It is always exciting to get ready to roll into summer; lots of crops planted, to be planted, getting ready to harvest… A friend bought himself a drone, and came by to show it off – naturally, an over-head of the… Continue reading CSA Monthly – May

April Update

Welcome to the April update… Green Season is well underway; this is the second delivery week of the eight. Main Season first delivery will be May 26, a Wednesday (it made sense to move the first delivery of a week to actually be in the same week. Finally.). Several of you on this email list… Continue reading April Update

CSA March Update & Poll

Greetings! This is the highly optimistic time of year – lots of major improvements that are getting the garden in great shape for the coming seasons!  Here is where things are at: Green Season crops are on track – this includes radishes, carrots and new beets; should even have some snap peas to go with… Continue reading CSA March Update & Poll