Week 10 in-the-box

Mid-season— This is the week 10 of the 20 week main season – the garden shifts from mostly planting to mostly caring for the crops. Some of the beds are getting empty; new crops continue to rotate through the short-cycle (Lettuce, Cabbage) beds, and the fall planting is underway. Corn and beans are getting ready… Continue reading Week 10 in-the-box

Week 9 in-the-box

So close… the peppers are so close, and there are young eggplant also so close… What is here now are plums to add to the fruit part of the box. There are as well lots of Tomatoes to pick, and more Boysenberries and Raspberries. One of the members has their own Raspberries and asked for… Continue reading Week 9 in-the-box

Week 8 In-the-box

A busy week – setting out plants, thinning carrots, pulling garlic to dry… and finding out that deer are patrolling the garden fence to see if the gate is left open. The consequences of the ‘heat storm’ on the garden are pretty well determined now, and on with the summer. The best part of a… Continue reading Week 8 In-the-box

Week 7 In the box

Hi all! This is exciting – lots and lots of Tomatoes turning ripe; and a few hook neck summer squash with size! This does bring up a question for you to reply (or not): how many xxx do you want in your box? xxx – could be: Cherry Tomatoes – default is a pint till.… Continue reading Week 7 In the box

Week 6 in-the-box

Whoa – that was hot. Really really hot. It looks like most of the garden made it through the apocalyptic heat – lots of careful watering. The major concern is the potatoes – there are lots and lots of yellow and even brown vines on them; lettuces came out well; berries are a little startled… Continue reading Week 6 in-the-box

Week 5 in-the-box

Summa Wethua… This is good for the garden; warm makes things grow and get ripe much faster than cold and rainy. The cool thing for this week is there ought to be at least one tomato for everyone – the trickle before the flood. Mostly there are cherry tomatoes of a couple different varieties; that… Continue reading Week 5 in-the-box

Week 4

Wow – what a truly wet last three days. There must have been 4 inches of rain here at the farm, and fairly warm at that. Weeds and crops all really jumped ahead; today was a weeding day before the afternoon series of downpours hit. Starting Wednesday things will warm up and dry out somewhat,… Continue reading Week 4

Week 3 in the box

Hi all! Hope you are all doing great, and really for sure hope you are enjoying the veggies. You may recall that there are roughly four week sessions in the main season. This first session is ‘cool season’ crops – produce like carrots that wants a warmer soil to germinate and then wants 6-8 weeks… Continue reading Week 3 in the box

Week 2 – in the box

Hiya CSA’ers – Here is the semi-famous “what (on earth) is in the box” update for main season week 2! This is a sorta transition week in that some of the holdover green season produce raised in the greenhouse is done and gone. The new crop plants divide into warm season produce (not ready yet)… Continue reading Week 2 – in the box

In-the-box Main Week 1

This is an exciting week here at Shilofarm – the first week of the main season, when heat loving produce can be delivered. Real. Soon. Now. The sad fact of the matter is that the cool midsummer crops are still in your dreams. This first week is part of what is called the ‘cool’ session… Continue reading In-the-box Main Week 1