Week 19 – one more week of main season!

October – one more week of the main season, four weeks of extended and the garden deliveries for 2023 are all done. What an interesting year, but it is too soon to wax nostalgic about it – there are still a lot of squash to deliver.  Here at Shilofarm the ‘test kitchen’ just did a couple of things. First, another Gill’s Golden Pippen squash was cooked – one of us ate the skin, one cleaned out the meat. The skin tastes fine – what is called a ‘thin skin creamy squash’ must mean a thin skin. For two people the Gills is simple, quick, and there isn’t any question about what to do with the remaining 12 pounds!

rows and columns of applesauce…

The second project of the day was Applesauce – three canners  of a really nice tasting apple – which has a zillion windfalls from the stromy night.

Windfall Apple takes on a whole new meaning

So here’s the deal: If (and only if) you want Applesauce but don’t have the canning supplies contact the farm and arrange a kitchen/canner session. Those apples are just a tiny portion of what is here. You would need to bring your own jars and sugar, and obviously help clean up the sticky floor after the fact – but hey, this is amazing applesauce. There is a bit of a charge and a definite limit on when this can be done, but if you want applesauce, this is your big chance. By the way, there is about a gallon of crab apple juice here that is heading to jelly – if you want to make jelly here (the farm has a steamer) the same thing applies.

Meanwhile, the wind and rain are wreaking havoc on the winter squash vines – which is actually okay because it makes finding them much easier. The plan for this week will be to put out Red Kuri (or maybe Green, depending). There are three other varieties of various yields in the garden – current thinking is to switch between small and large every week or so.  Specifically, there are a fair number of members so when “there are a lot of Candy Roaster Squash” is stated, when you divide that by the number of members there are limits. Obviously the Candy Roasters are prolific, more so than any other than the Gill’s.

Happy Cherry Tomato vines Slowwwwwly getting ripe

Tomatoes are entering their twilight days – the biggest impact is on the slicers – cherries have an easier time getting ripe because cool nights do not chill a big fruit. The other factor here is a mystery tomato predator is chewing holes in the slicers. There are three types of trap out as well as Vole bait – but the critter keeps evading death. The cherry vines are (see picture) quite healthy, of course – but they are slowing down their ripe time so the full pint may become a half pint in the next week or so.

Just one more aside – if you are a seasonal payment person the Extended season is four weeks and it is coming right up. Speak up if you are in or out, if in, a check in the box is nice. Obviously weekly pay just keep bringing that green stuff… And yes, if you want decor squash and/or corn stalks speak up soon!

The list this week:

Lettuce Muir or Nevada or red Iceberg – farmer’s choice, all are good.
Brassicas Kale is ready, some green or red Cabbage, couple of giant Bok Choi still here (ask)
Roots  Carrots, Beets, and Dragon Radishes. New crop of Japanese Salad Turnips is not growing well, and intervention may be required.
Greens  Arugula, Chard,  Mustard – farmer’s choice unless you are a known “always” or “never.”
Herbs Basil, small amount of Parsley, Chives are not great but can be had. Oregano and Mint are available, although small. Ask.
Misc Potatoes, Tomatoes, Corn, Red Kuri winter squash,  some summer squash although it is grumpy, sweet corn, green or yellow beans

Zinnias and some dahlias seem to be doing okay despite the wind and rain – It will be interesting to see what the flower farmer packs out.

Zinnias and Dahlias enduring the wind and rain!

Veggies – R – Us!

By Doug

--- 'farmer doug' is the planner and heavy lifter for the CSA and the LLC. Loves to teach; "ask him the time, he'll tell you how to make a clock." Always has a new idea to try, some of which work. BTW - if you try and phone call, and you are NOT in his caller ID you will not be answered - just leave a message and you will be called right back.

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