Main season has started! There will be an opening for new additional members again June 23th. If you are interested, contact us by email at shiloh.farm@gmail.com.

  • There will be opportunity to join main season going on into the year.
  • Fruits are just getting going with Strawberries (a small till)

For basic questions about the CSA, the two links following are most useful:

CSA and CSA FAQs – info specific to the CSA…

—– and so:

Boyce’s Shilofarm is more than just a CSA – it includes many different traditional farm elements that are from the time when a 80 acre farm was the sole means of support for a family. Well, retirement makes it possible for us to do that here, and we want to share it. So – here is what we do, and why we do it:

  • The farm has a CSA, which is the main point of contact with the community. It also is something that keeps us going almost all year. 
  • We raise hay. Quite a bit of it actually. There are a few hardy people who seem to enjoy helping us bring in the hay each summer.
  • We have 26 acres of Forest (and a sawmill). It is a great place to get away from Urban/Suburban life for a walk.
  • We have a small herd of beef – a now-rare breed called Red Poll, which are noted for the flavor of their meat and being easy to fatten on grass.
  • We have interesting farm places and things to let kids and adults experience hands-on what a farm is.

Check us out!