—- Main Season of the CSA is upon us! —-

Check out the FAQ on signing up and make it so! Note that there are a lot fewer members due to all kinds of reason, so… boxes are gonna be full, and signing up after the season starts will be acceptable till it isn’t…

Lucky Green Season members – all the greens that fit!

Check out the new FarmCraft page for neat embroidery and planters. LOTS of pictures…

2023 CSA dates:

Winter Season: 8 weeks

Feb 15

Apr 5

Green Season: 8 weeks

Apr. 12

May 31

Main Season: 20 weeks

June 7

Oct 18

Extended Season: 4 weeks

Oct 20

Nov 15

Here is a discussion of weather planning for 2023, if you are interested:  Short answer: 2023 looks great!

Weather and 2023

FAQ (below link) updated 1/1/2023… tells you all about signing up.

For basic questions about the CSA, the two links following are most useful:

CSA and CSA FAQs – info specific to the CSA…

—– and so:

Boyce’s Shilofarm is more than just a CSA – it includes many different traditional farm elements that are from the time when a 80 acre farm was the sole means of support for a family. Well, retirement makes it possible for us to do that here, and we want to share it. So – here is what we do, and why we do it:

  • The farm has a CSA, which is the main point of contact with the community. It also is something that keeps us going almost all year. 
  • We raise hay. Quite a bit of it actually. There are a few hardy people who seem to enjoy helping us bring in the hay each summer.
  • We have 26 acres of Forest (and a sawmill). It is a great place to get away from Urban/Suburban life for a walk.
  • We had a small herd of beef – up until 2022… a now-rare breed called Red Poll, which are noted for the flavor of their meat and being easy to fatten on grass. In theory, the beef herd will all be gone in 2023.
  • We have interesting farm places and things to let kids and adults experience hands-on what a farm is.

Check us out!