Winter Week 5

First – if you didn’t see the posting on the “Boyce’s Shilofarm CSA” facebook page – there is a ton of happy going on here because La Nina has up and gone. The main beds, the upper beds, the overnight temperatures – all is great for the garden. For most years there has been enough… Continue reading Winter Week 5

Winter Week 4.

It is pretty exciting to see a ‘normal’ Spring coming up before us – this next week 6 trays of start get to venture outside the greenhouse!  The ten day forecast, the climate prediction three month forecast, all point to a PNW Spring – cool at night, 50s going on up over time during the… Continue reading Winter Week 4.

Winter week 3 – Brrr!

As expected, the end of February and the start of March are attempting to demonstrate that They Are Winter. Here at Shilofarm there wasn’t a lot of snow – but there were two days that hit the very low 20’s which is considered to be officially cold. There seems to be a positive correlation between… Continue reading Winter week 3 – Brrr!


Here is hoping you are all having a good start of 2023! Here at Shilofarm the nice false Spring is a great relief, so thus far 2023 is awesome. Well, it is in regards to trying to grow things and work on preparations for the season. Preparation has three big tasks – getting seed stock,… Continue reading January…

December 2022 Update

Hoping you are having a good holiday season! The CSA is both done for 2022 and has not yet really started for 2023. The reality is that the farm overall has to make changes, and that exercise has been, and continues to be, well, stressful. Here is where it is for now: 2023 will have… Continue reading December 2022 Update