Week 5

Another week opens up before us… frantic process getting things in the ground. The peppers, eggplant, summer squash and more brassicas, continuing to replant lettuce as it goes. The side job is trying to beat the overgrown grass and weeds into submission. If you look closely at the following picture you can sorta-kinda see what… Continue reading Week 5

Week 4 of Main Season

First day of “summer” and winter left yesterday… Spring? What Spring… Here we go. Frantically throwing plants into the ground now that the temps are up and looking good. This Spring totally flummoxed the garden – what was out didn’t thrive, and what was in just barely met the needs. In theory, this is all… Continue reading Week 4 of Main Season

Week 3 Has Come Upon Us

Goodness – how time flies! The main update which is really good news is that after that nasty 3″ rainstorm late last week it has been dry enough to actually work in the outside garden. Hilled up the early potatoes – accidentally exposed a pretty nice baby red – still a bit too small to… Continue reading Week 3 Has Come Upon Us

Week 2 In the Box

There seems to be a routine built around having an inch or two of rain the last half of each week – frantically weeding, mowing, planting on Monday and Tuesday, pick and deliver on Wednesday, watch it rain on Thursday – pick and deliver in the rain on Friday, and then the farm call people… Continue reading Week 2 In the Box

Main Season Week 1

Week 1 of the main season is here – and the garden enjoyed a couple of days that are close to what Spring was supposed to be back around April 15. You may get tired of hearing this, but it seriously impacted “The Plan,” up to and including not even planting some of the high… Continue reading Main Season Week 1

Week 8

Well, this is a wrap for Green Season – one of the most challenging ever. You have all heard the continuing narrative from here about the long delay to a real Spring; the impact continues to be rolled in to plans and what comes next. The challenge in any farming/gardening is to have the flexibility… Continue reading Week 8

Week 6 of Green Season

Another week, another frost. Granted, this just barely was a frost, plants were mildly touched – summer squash was probably hurt the most, but the potatoes were very much not at all happy. Other than those two, the rest of the frost sensitive plants were safely tucked in the greenhouse. That, in itself is of… Continue reading Week 6 of Green Season

Shilofarm May Monthly

April has come and gone, here we are in May – and still having more than expected weather that challenges the garden. The Green Season members are getting that news weekly – in particular with the delayed maturation of outside planted crops. It seems that once or twice a week there is enough dry to… Continue reading Shilofarm May Monthly

Green Season Week 5

First, it is annoying to the box packer to have a nicely filled box which wilts in 10 minutes to become a half-empty looking box. The emotional response is that the CSA is short of good stuff. The main culprits include the Chard and the Mustard – although the Bibb lettuce in the box last… Continue reading Green Season Week 5