Week 20!

This week wraps up main season – good, bad and ugly. Those of you ending your year – be sure and set your box out next week as usual for pickup and a gift. Those of you continuing – four weeks of extended season awaits your veggie pleasure, thank you for your support! this picture… Continue reading Week 20!

week 18

welcome to Fall! Fall actually by the calendar came in the middle of last week – but hey, it is real now. Nights are more than daylight, cooler temps and some rain forecast for the pick day on Wednesday. That inspired picking of the slow and tedious plants tonight. Somehow there ended up being 10… Continue reading week 18

Only Three weeks left!

Time to ask those of you who signed up for the main season if you are going to tag on the Extended season – obviously, if you paid for the whole year that isn’t a question.  Officially, the last week of Main season ends Oct. 15 (farm call Saturday). Extended season is four additional weeks… Continue reading Only Three weeks left!

Week 15 – 5 left!

Happy September… This is a continuation of “How strange is the weather.” In 2021, there was a frost in September. In 2022, it is running in the 80’s. The peppers and tomatoes are rocking it – and green beans are (finally) getting ripe. The Friday and Saturday crews last week got green beans, it looks… Continue reading Week 15 – 5 left!

Week 14 and counting

Last boxes of August/First boxes of September this week. Carrots and beans are making a debut, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cabbage are being shy. Note that those 90+ days that seem to pop up for two or three days in the row are NOT what Brocc, Caul and Cabb like. Oh, and corn is (finally) showing… Continue reading Week 14 and counting