Shilofarm CSA


Green Season Starts 3/31… check out the plans for 2021!

FAQ’s: How to Join! Obviously missing info that needed to be Someplace!

The CSA is intended for people who love to get hands on with fresh produce. The climate here has two long cool times and a short hot dry summer – the farm goes with that flow, extends the season with a greenhouse, lighting and some heat – and so produces from early February till Thanksgiving.

Growing our crops is almost a year long process – something that fits the four season model we follow. Of course, the main season is the real heart of the garden – but the other seasons all have a purpose and meet the needs of some members.

  • Four seasons:
    • Winter – a very difficult season, limited in 2021 to only 5 members!
    • Green – early cool season crops – Asparagus, lots of greens.
    • Main – June till mid-October – This is the ‘main’ garden time, with the most variety, the highest volume, and those wonderful summer veggies.
    • Xtended – 6 weeks from mid-October till the week before Thanksgiving. Squash, late cool season crops, and Squash. Did we tell you about Squash?
  • Delivery or farm call:
    • Delivery is Wednesdays for Olympia, Tumwater, and Friday for Lacey.
    • Farm Call is Saturdays from 10AM – 2PM.
  • Varieties:
    • There are two common misunderstandings about a CSA, First, it is not a farmer’s market. That is, you can’t ‘just get what you want.’ The idea is that each delivery is basically going to be containing some of the same sort of things (lettuce, for example), and some things you may never of cooked or eaten (Turnips come to mind).
    • The Second misunderstanding is that you can just leave it on the counter till you get to it to eat it in a few days. That can be a very bad experience. There have been known to be live passengers on some produce, for the worst thing. The second thing is that quite a few of the greens really hate to be cut and in the open warm air. You should know if you sign up that you need to grab your box, wash and store appropriately.
    • There is a degree of selection available each week. That said, it relies on a distribution of what is ripe across the whole of the members. A member is given a list at the beginning of their membership to tell us favorites and “never evers,” which allows the farm to plan accordingly.

Boxes of Goodness ready to go