Here is hoping you are all having a good start of 2023! Here at Shilofarm the nice false Spring is a great relief, so thus far 2023 is awesome. Well, it is in regards to trying to grow things and work on preparations for the season. Preparation has three big tasks – getting seed stock,… Continue reading January…

December 2022 Update

Hoping you are having a good holiday season! The CSA is both done for 2022 and has not yet really started for 2023. The reality is that the farm overall has to make changes, and that exercise has been, and continues to be, well, stressful. Here is where it is for now: 2023 will have… Continue reading December 2022 Update

Shilofarm May Monthly

April has come and gone, here we are in May – and still having more than expected weather that challenges the garden. The Green Season members are getting that news weekly – in particular with the delayed maturation of outside planted crops. It seems that once or twice a week there is enough dry to… Continue reading Shilofarm May Monthly

April 2022 Update

April is fully upon the farm – with the required bad weather here at the start. Lots of wind, rain & hail just to keep the job from being boring. Being inside the greenhouse in a hail/wind burst is a bit like being inside a drum with a long drum roll sounding. The old farm… Continue reading April 2022 Update

March Update

Early March is always interesting. Prior years have been deep in snow, or mid 50’s during the day with sun breaks. The forecast people have not given a trustworthy guess as yet – they have delivered a guess (colder than average) but they have, in recent times, become “no longer a friend.” If the forecast… Continue reading March Update

February Monthly Update

Hi all – Somehow the month is running past without the “Monthly Update” having gone out – so, apologies. February has decided that it is Spring, with daytime temperatures in the upper forties and even a few days making it above 50. The tracking thermometer in the greenhouse tells the story: That means that early… Continue reading February Monthly Update

January 2022 Update

Wishing you all a happy 2022- hoping for good things to come to all… And here is what the CSA is planning for the year as an offering of something good for all! First, and most simple: If you would like to be on the CSA email list, please comment or email and ask so.… Continue reading January 2022 Update

December 2021 Update

December is well underway, and the planning and preparation is as well. The tentative dates for the 2022 seasons are set: Winter Season – Feb 12-Apr 2 (8 weeks) Small box only, 15% premium. It ain’t easy being winter.   Green Season start Wednesday, April 6- Sat May 28 for 8 weeks. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday… Continue reading December 2021 Update

July Monthly Update

Hi! Fun time in the garden – the next four – eight weeks have a large number of the warm season crops come in. There are a large number of cherry tomato varieties that are on the vines as this is written, as well as some of the bell peppers and some Cozumel (mild) hot… Continue reading July Monthly Update