Week 17 of 20 – main season last four weeks!

First, sorry for missing the regularly scheduled update of Wednesday – distractions happen and when you lose your flow it all falls apart… So, here is a better-late-than-ever weekly update. Squash. This is the Winter Squash official four week window. Obviously, Gill’s Pippen went out last week, but this week you either get farmer’s choice… Continue reading Week 17 of 20 – main season last four weeks!

September Monthly Update

September is a transition month here at the garden – the slow crops (corn, winter squash and melons) are showing signs of being ready, and the earlier summer crops are closing up shop for the season. A fine bean crop is about 3/4 done, for example. The slicer tomato crop this year is smaller that… Continue reading September Monthly Update

The Tenth Week!

This is the last of the first half, right? And the warm season crops are showing up, finally! Last week you all got samples of new potatoes – the idea was to give you a full pint of just one variety. The Red Norland, however, is deciding to turn yellow, which means that most of… Continue reading The Tenth Week!

This is week 8…

The big excitement on the farm this week was the round up of the runaway bulls… They came back (with a lot of flies!) tired, slimmer, and stressed out. It was odd to watch them crash (eat, sleep, fight with each other) and then kinda settle in. They are in the confinement quarters usually assigned… Continue reading This is week 8…