January 2022 Update

Wishing you all a happy 2022- hoping for good things to come to all… And here is what the CSA is planning for the year as an offering of something good for all!

First, and most simple: If you would like to be on the CSA email list, please comment or email and ask so. The mail list is used once a month through most of the year. For those who join a particular season there is a “what’s in the box” weekly email in the season and a “welcome to the CSA” with things like a poll to determine what you in particular have on your love/hate list.

It is January, and winter has been doing a fine job of showing up. The general impact to the farm is managing heat, light and water for the plants in the greenhouse, and feed, shelter and water for the livestock. Oh, the people need to be kept warm too, but they can manage pretty well on their own.

Snow in the orchard!

The greenhouse is earning its keep at this time – it is usually about 5-10 degrees warmer inside, with the exception of true sunny days when it can be 50 degrees warmer. The shelter from driving wind and rain is almost as important as the heat and lights – which leaves the unexpected assault of birds and rodents to cope with. Covers on the beds do a reasonable job of protecting things. The need to have some root crops and early starts is primary for the greenhouse. The secondary benefit is that greens that can handle low light and cool can be grown. The “Winter Season” which is severely limited in members, is for the really dedicated Salad members. As such, those plants were started the last week of November and are getting ready for harvest in February. There have been three major seed starting windows hereto now, with the fourth batch coming right up on us.

Starts in the propagation bench.


type Variety Number Plant Emerged Set out
Spinach Bloomsdale 18 plants Nov. 10 Nov. 17 Dec 20
Lettuce Red Iceberg? 18 plants Nov. 10 Nov. 14 Dec 10
Lettuce Winter Density 18 plants Nov. 10 Nov. 12 Dec 10
Cabbage Katrina 42 plants Nov. 10 Nov. 14  
Kale Redbor 144 plants Dec. 1 Dec. 4  
Garlic Farm Stock 240′ row Dec 1 Dec 1
Violet Fizzle Dizzle 30 plants Dec 1 Dec 11  
Lettuce Winter Density 36 plants Dec 6 Dec 12  
Lettuce Crisp Mint 36 plants Dec 6 Dec 16  
Mustard Southern Giant 36 plants Dec 6 Dec 11  
Mustard Tah Tsai (asian) 36 plants Dec 6 Dec 12  
Spinach Bloomsdale 36 plants Dec 6 Dec 9  
Cabbage Primeo 120′ row July Heads July’21
Cabbage Red 120′ row July Heads July ’21
Onions Bulb 60′ row Sept? Up Sept ’21
Beets Avalanche 24′ gh row Dec 8 12/25  
Beets Subeto 24′ gh row Dec 8 12/25  
Turnip Tokyo Cross 8′ gh row Dec 8 Dec 20  
Radish Cherry Belle 8′ gh row Dec 8 Dec 16  
Carrot Napoli 55 day 16′ gh row Dec 8 1/4  
Carrot Mokum 55 day 16′ gh row Dec 8 1/1  
Carrot Sugar Snax54 68 day 24′ gh row Dec 8  
Bok Choi Joi Choi 36 cell tray Dec 21 12/30  
Chard Fire Fresh 36 cell tray Dec 21 12/30  
Lettuce Newham Romaine 32 cell tray Dec 22 12/30  
Lettuce Winter Brown 32 cell tray Dec 22 12/30  


Itty Bitty root crops

Some of these root crops will really come into their own for the green season, some items like Bok Choi will be planted again for other uses. The Brassicas will mostly be planted in ‘cold frames’ to reserve space in the greenhouse for sensitive plants.

SO… what does this all mean? Currently there are five members who are in the Winter season. A separate email will be heading out to them in two weeks. The major stipulation is that delivery is very limited for Winter, the preference is that if you wish to participate you will do farm call on Saturday. Because Winter Season is so difficult, the portion is set to “personal share” boxes and the cost is $25//week, $200.

The important planning question what starts here is “who wants to be in the CSA in 2022?” That is vitally important as seeds get ordered literally next week. The CSA really needs to grow (intended) to about 25 overall members in 2022. The farm ‘staff’ will be getting ‘hired help’ that needs to be paid, and the farm needs to be paid as well.  This is what is available:

Winter Season    5 current    Room for 2 more [ Start Feb. 12 for 8 weeks]
Green Season     8 current    Room for 12 more [Start Apr. 6 for 8 weeks]
Main Season      8 current    Room for 15 more [ Start June 1 for 20 weeks] – possible to join for 4 week ‘chunks’
Extended Season    8 current    Room for 12 more [Start Oct. 18 for 4 weeks]

Prices will remain as last year –

  • Personal Share (small box) – $22.50/week delivered, $20/week farm call
  • Full Share (large box) – $32.50/week delivered, $30/week farm call.

Delivery is one of two days during the week:

  • Wednesday (near noon) for Olympia/Tumwater
  • Friday (near noon) for Horizon Pointe/Lacey

Farm call is Saturday between 10 and Noon.

February Monthly update will echo the same opportunity – If you are seriously considering joining (and have not already) please sign up early. If you were a member and enjoyed the CSA, suggest to your friends that “I know this great CSA…”

Also – the web site and the FB group would appreciate any words of encouragement to those who lurk and never leap…

By Doug

--- 'farmer doug' is the planner and heavy lifter for the CSA and the LLC. Loves to teach; "ask him the time, he'll tell you how to make a clock." Always has a new idea to try, some of which work. BTW - if you try and phone call, and you are NOT in his caller ID you will not be answered - just leave a message and you will be called right back.


  1. Hi! I am interested in being a CSA member. I live in the north Tenino area.

    I’m curious about what size box I would want to get. It’s my husband, me, and our baby 🙂

    Is the produce organic? The website might have mentioned that and I missed it.

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