March Update

Early March is always interesting. Prior years have been deep in snow, or mid 50’s during the day with sun breaks. The forecast people have not given a trustworthy guess as yet – they have delivered a guess (colder than average) but they have, in recent times, become “no longer a friend.” If the forecast is “overnight lows of 34F” and the “overnight low” is actually oh say 25F then the forecast isn’t that useful. The tray of dead Tomato starts from this blatant miss is a strong indicator.

Blame the weather forecast!

In any case, the greenhouse cool season crops are progressing nicely. Winter season has done well, thus far anyhow. The next season up on the schedule is “Green Season – the following table shows what is planned and in process for that season:

In the Green!

Obviously, bad things can happen, your actual mileage may vary, and other caveats apply. However, the plants are all going strong, and most of the seeding happening at the present time is for Main season, which will come.

Lettuce. Really nice lettuce.

There is a lot of effort into flowers for main season – thus far there are 9 trays of starts that have officially emerged from the seed trays – and nine or ten more trays of flowers will be started after March 7th. As an aside, baby snapdragons look like hair when they emerge. This isn’t too surprising because the seed is microscopic. Almost. Roses have overwintered nicely, and the rest of the bulb plants are still holed up underground.

One key addition this year is Celery. In 2021 it was just left out – deemed “not worth the trouble.” However, after some soul searching an additional attempt to grow “excellent celery” has commenced. The variety description section of a seed catalog is a collection of warm and friendly hyperbole, euphemism, and blatant lies all purposed to entrap the naive farmer into wasting precious garden space on some New and Exciting variety. That is what has happened with Celery – a New and Exciting variety which is The Best We have Ever Grown. Cynical in conflict with Hope.

Frequent Seeding happens.

The bottom line here is that it might be an awesome year. Emphasis on might. The normal early season baby plant problem is (probably) solved, and the early outside beds are about half planted now. The snap peas seem to of been sufficiently protected from marauding birds to be at the 3″ size – so…

If you like the stuff up above, sign up for green season.  Starving Farmers need your help! It is worth adding that Shilofarm produce is a bargain in the inflated world of 2022. Same low price as 2021…

By the way – the mailing list for Green Season is getting put together. There are four weeks till it starts – it is modestly important to let the farm know if you are “in” (unless you already have done so)…

Come Spring!

Shilofarm Sunset…

By Doug

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