Week 18 – the end is near!

Another interrupted Wednesday evening – so here is the “weekly update” where there are two weeks after this delivery for the main season.

One of the unusual crops here isn’t really edible – our decor squash. They are essentially ready any time. Because they are decor and not edible (well, it is possible that you could eat them) they are a request item – you ask, we deliver. The picture makes that sample look larger than it really is – but it is representative of the type. There are also some “Jill be little” pumpkins – which are edible and are small and considered cute by those who know what cute is supposed to be.

Decor Squash – sorta edible. Just sorta.

The cool and rainy weather has been a blessing to the garden and flowers. The roses don’t like it, but the rest of the flowers are happy campers. Speaking of happy campers, the pole beans are large and loud, so to speak. There are folks who do not want green beans, which is fine – and if you have had all the green beans you want please speak up. As it is, the first frost didn’t happen and weather looks temperate for the rest of October.

Pole Beans on Round 2 of cropping. Nice thing about pole beans!


Baby beans in the nursery…

There are some new red cabbage starting to get some size – right now that is not a standard in the box, but they are looking good. Once again, it is that nice cool crop weather thing. If you want a head, speak up. It is your big chance to come out a head.

Very happy red cabbage enjoying cool weather

The plan for this week is to go back to the small “Gill’s” winter squash – kind of a personal size. Corn is not as pretty as it was before the rain punished it, but it is still good eating.

U-Pick apples yearning to be eaten

There really are a lot of nice apples – one of the members came and picked windfalls for cider, took home 8 five gallon buckets. Other members have come and picked boxes for things like sauce or pie – multiple varieties ripe. Probably will put a few in each box this week.

and here is the list…

Lettuce Muir or Nevada or red Iceberg – farmer’s choice, although there are fewer Red Iceberg ready, so likely green.
Brassicas Kale is really starting to thrive. Loves that cool weather, have a couple of giant Bok Choi and some green or red Cabbage, although mostly will slide that out a week or so.
Roots  Carrots are great, Beets have small roots for some mystery beet reason, Dragon radishes are big, a few Japanese Salad turnips…
Greens  Arugula, Chard,  Mustard , tend to minimize these because boxes are pretty full already.
Herbs Basil will need to be cut back and thinned out. Parsley, Chives, Oregano and Mint are available
Misc Potatoes, Tomatoes, Gill’s Golden Pippen winter squash, some summer squash although it is grumpy, sweet corn, possibly a couple or more apples.

Zinnia and other flowers are ready to go… Roses are a mess from rain, and more rain is coming.

By Doug

--- 'farmer doug' is the planner and heavy lifter for the CSA and the LLC. Loves to teach; "ask him the time, he'll tell you how to make a clock." Always has a new idea to try, some of which work. BTW - if you try and phone call, and you are NOT in his caller ID you will not be answered - just leave a message and you will be called right back.

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