In-the-box Main Week 1

This is an exciting week here at Shilofarm – the first week of the main season, when heat loving produce can be delivered. Real. Soon. Now. The sad fact of the matter is that the cool midsummer crops are still in your dreams. This first week is part of what is called the ‘cool’ session… Continue reading In-the-box Main Week 1

Green In the Box week 7

Wow – green season is getting close to the end already. The days are just packed here; there are so many crops that need to be set out and started, beds that need to be finalized, and well, it just keeps us running. The good news is that there are only two more beds to… Continue reading Green In the Box week 7

Green In the Box week 5

Here is the challenge this week: Chard. The recipes on line seem to want more that one or two leaves of Chard – which means there is enough this week to give between four and six of you 8-10 nice leaves – a mix of red and white chard.  There are two or three of… Continue reading Green In the Box week 5

CSA Monthly – May

May has come – and with it, the main season which starts May 26th. It is always exciting to get ready to roll into summer; lots of crops planted, to be planted, getting ready to harvest… A friend bought himself a drone, and came by to show it off – naturally, an over-head of the… Continue reading CSA Monthly – May

Green Week 3 in the box

Before I go on, let me whine. The forecast for Monday night was 33F. Was it 33F? On the way down and up it was: but the low here was actually 28. Our poor innocent Nasturtium starts were seriously traumatized; the Tomatoes in the green house were touched lightly, but mostly survived. I am not… Continue reading Green Week 3 in the box

April Update

Welcome to the April update… Green Season is well underway; this is the second delivery week of the eight. Main Season first delivery will be May 26, a Wednesday (it made sense to move the first delivery of a week to actually be in the same week. Finally.). Several of you on this email list… Continue reading April Update