Week 13 in the box

In the interest of science, one of the baby hot peppers was tested by the farm “one who puts most everything into his mouth.” Be assured, spicy peppers are available this week, including one with a small bite out of it. It starts out quiet, calm, and a bit sweet. Then you can’t taste anything. Ever again. (Spoken by Pepper Wimp)

be cautious about taste testing peppers.

Anyhow… baby Eggplant, a few patty pan squash, probably a zucchini type because that’s what they do, and a few small spicy peppers a.k.a. hot peppers. If you were in the CSA last year and liked peppers the ones (nearly) ready are the small yellow ones. Right now they are more of a pale green, but hey, it’s  a pepper and we can count that.

Broccoli and Cauliflower and young cabbage are tempting but not quite ready. There may be a cabbage or two of the small variety. In the ‘gross things you have to do as an gardener’ department a horde of ravaging cabbage worms were working diligently to strip all the leaf tissue from the next set of cabbage starts. They make a really cool green squirt when you squeeze them – but you can only do it once per worm.

It actually seems to of been a bad-day-for-the farmer. The 7-acre field needed to be mown (for hay) as well. It turns out that there can be ground nesting yellow jackets or wasps (not sure which) that strenuously object to tractors in their hallway, not to mention mowers. Now, it is fine if you attack a tractor. But when you fly up the long sleeve shirt cuff and sting the farmer, well, that’s not okay. And, by the way, it is required that the field be mowed, so the tractor returns to the neighborhood multiple times. Courage. That tractor has courage.

I ask you – why would this upset a ground next yellow jacket???

Meanwhile – the garden. Things that like the heat are going great, things which do NOT like heat are not so happy unless they are nestled right up to a drip line.

Peas snuggling with irrigation. It makes them happy.

new snap peas huddling near the nearest water…

So, not doubt you can tell that this was a rather scattered sort of intellect day on the farm. — oh yeah — the beans are showing and are on a trellis, finally…

The bonus box of Tomato thing is going well – four have gone out so far, one more this weekend. Never fear, there are lots of Tomatoes constantly getting ripe.

On a more serious note, here’s what is/might be in your box:

Lettuce Cegolaine is probably ready although you will probably get a green mini romaine. Lots of plants set out and growing, doing very well. Should be some Red Sails or Red Iceberg on into September.
Brassicas A few cabbage lurking – and once in a while a bok choi is found down amongst the Tomatoes. Broc and Caul not so much.
Roots  White Turnips (1-2″) with greens, Red and/or White beets with greens. Carrots are about the size of a very long pencil, but they are bulking up fast. They exercise at night, that seems to work. Probably not in your box this week, but it is close.
Greens Curly Mustard, Chard – Red or White Chard, Arugula. Red Chard is really looking great.
Herbs Mint, Oregano. Chives (Cilantro – one plant left amongst the Celery), Parsley, Basil, Celery leaves. Garlic – one
Misc  Potatoes – Assortment – Nokatah Russet, Huckleberry, Cal White. Your actual potatoes may vary. Nokatah are trending to the majority potato.
Bigger bulb onion and a few green onions.
Flower of the week: Cut Flowers – base seems to be snap dragons, although there are lots of different things showing up.
And Tomatoes Cherries and Slicers. Tomatoes. Ask if you want Roma style Cooking tomatoes.
Cukes. Nice big cukes… Lots of Cukes. If you want extra, ask. Maybe a summer squash or eggplant to lucky random members.
And those known to like hot peppers will get one this week.
Patty Pan – there are a few.
Eggplant – not sure who loves it or who hates it – it wasn’t on the Poll…

Coming Soon: Beans, Bell peppers, Eggplant (more). Early apples next week maybe. Possibly. Grapes are bigger than last week, but that ain’t sayin much. Blackberries have just enough ripe for the farm If you want to u-pick come on down!

BEEF: Opening up sales to non-CSA members this week. Current plan is to sell 3 1/2, maybe 4 1/2. Email was sent to the CSA interested list this last week. So far there are four halves spoken for; that leaves, uh… 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 depending on live sales. This is theoretically the Last Shilofarm Beef Sale Ever!

By Doug

--- 'farmer doug' is the planner and heavy lifter for the CSA and the LLC. Loves to teach; "ask him the time, he'll tell you how to make a clock." Always has a new idea to try, some of which work. BTW - if you try and phone call, and you are NOT in his caller ID you will not be answered - just leave a message and you will be called right back.

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