In the Box preview – Winter

Hi Winter Members!

This is an early heads up and test of the website posting of ‘what’s in the box this week.’ Obviously, we are two weeks from actually starting. That said, it is important to see if the website posting works for this purpose. 

Here is the part you may actually be interested in – 

  • Greens: Spinach, Kale, Curly Mustard, Lettuce
  • Crunchies: Carrots, Radishes, Parsnips
  • Herbs: Garlic (from last year’s crop)
  • Onions: green with small bulbs – might be soft from cold weather.

Beets and larger radishes (Dragon) may or may not be ready in week 1; we will see. The Pac Choi and Cabbage are growing well, and should be ready in the second half of winter season.

Here we go!


By Doug

--- 'farmer doug' is the planner and heavy lifter for the CSA and the LLC. Loves to teach; "ask him the time, he'll tell you how to make a clock." Always has a new idea to try, some of which work. BTW - if you try and phone call, and you are NOT in his caller ID you will not be answered - just leave a message and you will be called right back.

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