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What’s in the box is a narrative regarding those veggies that are in the current garden, together with opinions and observations of the recent events that strike my fancy that week. There is a table of varieties, and a chance for the members to opt in or out of certain things. A comment might be “Wow, can I get extra?” or “Do Not Even Think about giving me (Cauliflower was an example of this). The table looks like the below, only with exact names as we get there.

What’s available in week 2:

  •  Dragon Radish is running out this week. The second wave of radishes did not propagate well, there will be a gap in week 2 and week 3 before we have more radishes.
  • Beet Greens option: Enough for a few people – ask.
  • Turnip Greens: not ready.
  • Bok Choi – yes
  • Cabbage – Yes. These are pretty homely looking – they were surface frozen while trying to form heads.
  • Curly/Giant Mustard – Yes
  • Spinach – Yes
  • Lettuce – Main variety is “North Pole”, secondary for Full Share is Rosie or Outredgeous
  • Kale – Yes
  • Bulb Onions – ask only. Mostly done, the overwintered onions are getting past their prime.
  • Onion Greens

Here is the plan: (two options for Personal; 4 options for Full)



Variety Portion Add
Lettuce Head  
Radishes One  
Carrots 3 roots, overwintered  
Parsley 3-4 small branches  
Bulb Onion 1 Red or White or Yellow  
Spinach About half a lettuce head  
Green Onions 3-4 large overwintered  



Variety Portion Desired
Large Curly Mustard 2 large leaves  
Beet Greens 1 plant  
Asian Mustard Greens 1 plant  must ask
Bok Choi 1 head  must ask
Cabbage 1 head  
Asparagus 4-6 large spears  not this week
Red/Green Kale 2-4 leaves  
Cilantro 4-5 tiny branches  
Chives Small handful                 

By Doug

--- 'farmer doug' is the planner and heavy lifter for the CSA and the LLC. Loves to teach; "ask him the time, he'll tell you how to make a clock." Always has a new idea to try, some of which work. BTW - if you try and phone call, and you are NOT in his caller ID you will not be answered - just leave a message and you will be called right back.


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