In the Box Week 5

Winter Garden Lettuce.. Updated – problems with mailing…  If you get it, pretty please reply back? don’t go to the site, just reply. Pretty please. Only three weeks left in the winter ‘season’ garden, and the plants are rocking it! The weather this week has been excellent for the greenhouse, very warm, lots of sunshine.… Continue reading In the Box Week 5

In the box week 4

In the box… It was a pretty busy time this week, which kept the weekly update email from going out in time. Here is a quick synopsis: The lettuces and spinach are amazing… Poached some for farmers testing, and the texture, color and flavor were outstanding. all four radish types are up and good; a… Continue reading In the box week 4

In the Box Winter Week 3

Kicking it up a notch for the winter garden… The weather and the time of year are conspiring to give us some nice stuff out of the greenhouse, and even some out of the main garden this week. Lettuce is especially showing progress, getting some size to the Bibb and the Romaine style heads. And,… Continue reading In the Box Winter Week 3

In the Box Winter week 2

The really great news is the week of winter is done, and we can resume 5 months of cool Spring weather. The (outside the greenhouse) Kale and Mustard and carrots and onions are all both accessible and ready to head out.  The inside the greenhouse produce is much like last week. The snow didn’t hurt… Continue reading In the Box Winter week 2

Winter Week 1 in the box

Winter…. Our first week of “Winter” season is squarely on top of a snow forecast. The generally observation is that February runs to snow, at least over the last few years. Those of you planning on coming to the farm may come or you may want to postpone till Sunday or Monday or When You… Continue reading Winter Week 1 in the box

In The Box Test Email

So – this is a test to see if the ‘in the box’ email will actually be generated.   There is a prior posting that has the info… Doug