Week… uh, 13! my how time flies!

Idling away on the computer when all at once… Hey! Time for the in-the-box post! So here’s the “in the box” post for week 13.

Generally, this is a great time of the year for the garden. The only thing really yet to come is Sweet Corn – and there are a lot of very young ears out there just yearning to be ripe – sadly, that won’t be too soon – maybe two weeks. As you might of noticed last week green beans are putting on a show. There are 6 75′ rows out there, with four of them (maybe five) producing right now. The Oregon Giant beans are done with their first picking – anything that shows up later will be a lower volume. The preacher beans and what are probably a blue lake were big last week, and a golden bean is coming this week. One row is all bloom and no bean still. It would be good if that would turn into more beans!

The summer squash is a puzzle – it is producing pretty well for the yellow zucchini style, but the patty pan is just dithering between blossoms and small fruit. Likely you will be getting more of the yellow zucchini this week, but it is possible that a patty pan will end up in your box. Here at Shilofarm the roasting of summer squash with new potatoes is a high treat.

It is really great to see how the top watering is massively improving the growth of root crops. One of our (elder) members has a passion for carrots – she got one very early sample last week, and will continue to get one. The surprise is how well the beets are coming – on Tuesday a farm call member actually got three reasonably sized Subeto beets. It is likely that some of you will as well.

You might be wondering when Lettuce will re-appear in your box. Don’t lose hope, it is getting close. Meanwhile the Algosa (wrinkled) cabbage is filling in, as well as some curly mustard, chard or bok choi. The new lettuce crop has two brand new for Shilofarm varieties called “Muir” and “Nevada.” They look similar, but have a slight difference in taste. They were selected for summer as a non-bittering and heat tolerant selection. Obviously at least this week the heat has been turned down.

The grapes were a surprise this year as well – a nice set particularly of the green and red varieties. There are a LOT of blackberries ripe both in the garden and at various locations on the farm. Once again, if you want do to a you pick drop a note and come and get a gallon or more. The problem with picking them is the tax collected at the time of picking seems to be about 50% at least for me. One for me, one for the till….

Winter Squash. Yeah, it is too early for the winter squash to come out yet (also too early for sweet potatoes). That said, there is a veritable jungle of winter squash in the garden. One new to Shilofarm type is called “Gills Golden Pippen.” It is fun to watch it mature – it starts off as a small ridged blob and then kinda inflates! The seed people (as seed people are want to do) say “This is probably the best tasting of all acorns; the bright yellow, small acorn-shaped fruit have a sweet flesh that’s very flavorful! ” It will be a huge disappointment if the seed people are lying. It is claimed to be a one-per-person squash, as compared to the candy roaster which is one per dozen people.

Yeah, no pictures this week. Did you miss them?

Here’s the in-the box list:

Lettuce The Gap is ending soon… There may be one or two heads this week for a lucky person.
Brassicas Alcosa (wrinkled head) cabbage (small), a few bok choi left.
Roots  Beets are possible. Extremely thin carrots – maybe 1. Various Radishes might show up.
Greens  Arugula, Chard,  Mustard.
Herbs Lots of Basil, Chives… We have some Oregano, but have not put it out. If you want, ask.
Misc Lots of cherries, quite a few slicers of various types. Reminder that  colors range from yellow, pink, red, kinda chocolate. If it is in your box it is ripe! Various potatoes, mostly russet or mountain rose or cal white… grapes, various green bean types, summer squash… ya never know for sure! (there might be some peaches, they were not quite ready last week).

Flower of the week… Flower Farmer was unhappy looking at the effect hot and dry has had. It will be a surprise is probably the best that can be said for now!

By Doug

--- 'farmer doug' is the planner and heavy lifter for the CSA and the LLC. Loves to teach; "ask him the time, he'll tell you how to make a clock." Always has a new idea to try, some of which work. BTW - if you try and phone call, and you are NOT in his caller ID you will not be answered - just leave a message and you will be called right back.

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