Week 14

Hi folks…

Week 14 is upon us – watching crops get ripe, mature, and move on. Say goodbye to the figs; the first year where there were enough fruit to cover everyone for two weeks. Figs are a funny crop – they set two ‘harvests’ – but the second harvest comes too late to make. There are two fig trees here, one does not put any fruit in the first harvest, and disappoints with a rich growth of second bearing that never gets ripe. Staring at the tree doesn’t seem to help, and begging is useless. Unripe fig tastes pretty awful, in case you didn’t know that.

The next fruit seems to be pears. A couple of windfalls were nice and yellow this week, but because they were windfall the inside was kinda yuck, in technical farm terms. The other ripe fruit which will not be in your box is blackberries – those are “You Pick” only; and an adventure to get. There are two types of wild blackberry, a ‘Himalaya’ is the larger and sweeter of the two. If you want to come pick a gallon, have at it. The farm Gator can be used for transport to the hinterland, also known as the south field.

The grapes surprised last week by being close to ripe. The Friday group each got a few bunches, there will be some for the Wednesday pick this week. There are four different types of dessert grapes; the red grapes seem the most prolific. Last year Robins discovered the red grapes and cleaned them out in a matter of two days; since the pick is tomorrow and the robins have given up on worms because of the very dry conditions there should be plenty.

Beans are also in this week and were there last week. The crop is small because, as far as can be determined, the first set of beans were unable to set ‘fruit’ due to blossoming during the evil nasty hot spell. There are a lot of blossoms on those plants now, and there should be beans coming on for a couple of weeks. The volume is much lower than usual, hence you likely will get on the order of a quart zip lock bag.

Tomatoes are doing well. The greenhouse crop is running pretty steady, and the outside crop is just starting to ripen a large number of slicers. It is rather possible that in week 15 there will be lots.  A bonus box of Tomatoes is possible this week, and almost for sure next week. As an aside, if you are partial to fried green tomatoes please ask, that is easy to provide.

It finally has become necessary to install full drip on the main beds. Hereto now that hasn’t been done, a ‘tractor sprinkler’ has sufficed. The beans and corn are not pleased with the twice a week sprinkler, and keeping the seedbeds moist for germination of carrots, beets, parsnips and turnips is almost impossible without twice a day trickling, and also covering the seeds with a board for about 10 days. The new set-out of Cabbage and Lettuce also appreciates moist roots.

And, that’s the story from Shilofarm, where all the veggies are fresh and the fruit is tree ripened…

speaking of this week: in the box for week 14:

Greens Any lettuce that can be found mostly green.  there are 1 or 2 cabbage – you must ask.  White and/or Red Chard;   optional Asian mustard. Kale – not much of it. All about the same as last week…
Crunchies Misc. Summer Squash: hook neck, patty pan, zucchini. Carrots (Sugarsnax54), Cucumbers, Green Bell Pepper if you ask. Best cucumbers ever grown here… A few chocolate mini-Bell peppers…
Herbs Garlic, Arugula, Green Onions, Chives if you ask, Basil, Cilantro,  Oregano. Hot pepper, zero to 3 or 4?
Other Yellow or Red Beefsteak, Slicer and Cherry Tomatoes, 1-3″ beets with greens,  Pears, Grapes, small portion of small  Potatoes – various colors. Flower of the week will be mystery arrangement or roses. Any preference? Optional Eggplant (ask) – Apples – not this week, but next week – green apples coming on.

Green beans in quart sized quantity,

Next Week:

  • More apples? TBD, but likely.

On Deck:

  • Second (yellow) crab apples
  • More apples – forever.
  • Corn – Tassels showing
  • Cauliflower (plants are 6-8″ and happy campers, same for Broccoli) – no heads formed yet.
  • Cabbage – 3-4 weeks out
  • Spinach (small quantity)

By Doug

--- 'farmer doug' is the planner and heavy lifter for the CSA and the LLC. Loves to teach; "ask him the time, he'll tell you how to make a clock." Always has a new idea to try, some of which work. BTW - if you try and phone call, and you are NOT in his caller ID you will not be answered - just leave a message and you will be called right back.

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