Green Week 3 in the box

Before I go on, let me whine. The forecast for Monday night was 33F. Was it 33F? On the way down and up it was: but the low here was actually 28. Our poor innocent Nasturtium starts were seriously traumatized; the Tomatoes in the green house were touched lightly, but mostly survived. I am not happy with me for trusting the known liar weather man, and with the weather man for yet another lie. Tonight is supposed to hit 31. Everything is covered up and protected..

Now, about your veggies this week: This is the back end of the first four week window. The greenhouse is starting to transition into main season crops, and outside plants are heading out. The outside broccoli and cauliflower is up to about 5″ tall, which pegs them at four weeks from now or so. Next planting of lettuce will be transplanted out this week; there are actually two plantings in the queue. Our over-wintered carrots are essentially gone – this week you will be getting our “Mokum” carrots raised in the greenhouse. The Mokum greens are amazing – if the carrot itself is as good as the seed catalog says you all should be happy campers.

Pac Choi and Turnips are coming to their rightful end; Cabbage is trying to form heads but won’t have any this week. Asparagus is emerging – Maybe next week. New cabbage and Pac Choi are nearly ready to be set outside, although two of the cabbage types are resistant to growing.

One of you pulled a trophy slug from a lettuce head… I assure you it was an organic slug. Clean your veggies!

And, in the ‘Say What’ department: one of the baby tomatoes has decided to start forming buds.  It was charming and very surprising – a new variety for us, which obviously likes the way it is being raised!

n the box week 3

Greens  Spinach, WInter Density &/or Adriana Lettuce, Pac Choi, WInterbor Kale, Curly Mustard (not everyone gets Pac Choi)
Crunchies Carrots (Mokum), Radish (Dragon – first planting coming to an end), Small Avalanche Beets, Subeto red beet – very large greens. There are small heads of Broccoli; only enough for salad. More is on the way.
Herbs Chives, Arugula, Parsley, Green Onions.
Option Medium Parsnips, Golden Ball Turnip (huge greens)

On Deck:

  • Cabbage is forming heads, both inside the greenhouse and outside.
  • Sugar Snap peas are getting taller, and taller, and taller… and no blossoms.

Green Season – if you are green inside, you are clean inside!

By Doug

--- 'farmer doug' is the planner and heavy lifter for the CSA and the LLC. Loves to teach; "ask him the time, he'll tell you how to make a clock." Always has a new idea to try, some of which work. BTW - if you try and phone call, and you are NOT in his caller ID you will not be answered - just leave a message and you will be called right back.

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