Xtnded Season

Another fun season! for the farm, a lot of pressure drops because the succession planting is over, and some cleanup of empty beds can start. One of the most exciting things is to discover what is underground; especially so with Sweet Potatoes. Once they are removed from the ground, they must be cured to reach best flavor. The propagation benches with the heating mats used to start seeds work very well for this.

Some produce just isn’t as delicious until after cool nights really set it. That happens very quickly after October 15th or so, and carrots, beets, parsnips come into their own. And. Candy Roaster Squash. Amazing experience, Candy Roaster Squash!

TypesXtnd 1 Oct. 13-Oct 30Xtnd 2 Nov 3 – Nov 20
GreensLettuce, Kale, MustardLettuce, Kale, Mustard
CrunchiesBeets, CarrotsBeets, Carrots
BrassicasCabbage, Pac Choi, Broccoli, Cauliflower none
StarchesPotatoes, Sweet PotatoesPotatoes, Sweet Potatoes
OnionsYellow, Red, GreensYellow, Red, Greens
Fruit VegSlicer, CherrySlicer
Fruit OtherApplesApples
Candy Roaster Squash nestled away for delivery