Winter Season

Winter Season is crops that are started and grown in the greenhouse and crops that hold over in the garden over the winter, like Carrots. Some of the greenhouse crops such as Swiss Chard and Lettuce, do better in the greenhouse in the hot and dry time – the greenhouse is shade, and opens up to keep them cooler, oddly enough. Most of the Tomatoes are in there as well because of the protection from the wind and heavy rains.

Winter Lettuce
Types Winter 1 Feb 12-Mar 5 Winter 2 Mar 12-Apr 5
Greens Lettuce, Mustard, Spinach, Asian Mustard, Beet Greens Lettuce, Mustard, Spinach, Asian Mustard, Kale (young), possibly some young chard
Crunchies Radish, Baby Turnips, Baby Beets Beets, Radish, Carrots, Turnips
Herbs Parsley Parsley, Arugula, Chives
Squashes none none
Brassicas Cabbage, Pac Choi Cabbage, Pac Choi
Starches none none
Onions in ground (over wintered) greens in ground (over wintered) greens
Fruit Veg none none
Fruit Other none none
Special none none