Using Farm Materials and Tools to Create

FarmCraft are literally crafts built with the products and tools of the farm for farm friends. The two broad categories are embroidery based and wood/planting based. These are fun to do, and fun for you. Any of these type of craft can be (and are) custom made. Below are examples – there are a LOT of existing samples! Here are a few new towels and one to be framed for Christmas of 2023:

three towels and a car that should be framed…
requested for gifts
New 12″ Pots – great for hanging baskets – made from Shilofarm logs…
Coffee Gnome… there are several people who need this as a wall hanging.
Towel of the month/of the season
12 sided (staves) planting pots
Potted Geraniums and other flower types
Custom grow shelves
Custom handy boxes
Custom Embroidered wall hangings
sliced hollow cedar planters
Wall hanging slatted frames

If you see something that is interesting to you – ask!